Lincoln Electric has launched the next generation in professional auto darkening welding helmets. The new VIKING 2450 and 3350 Series welding helmets feature industry leading 4C optics, innovative headgear to improve comfort and a low-profile external grind button to increase productivity.

The new one-of-a-kind X6 Headgear contours to the operator’s head to evenly distribute weight across six key contact points. This improves balance, eliminates pressure points and provides a personalized fit for maximum comfort.

The addition of the new external grind button allows the operator to switch quickly between weld to grind mode without having to remove their helmet or gloves. This significantly reduces operator downtime while offering additional safety benefits.

Both the 2450 and 3350 Series helmets feature Lincoln Electric’s industry-leading auto-darkening lens. The exclusive liquid crystal lens offers a number of features, including:

• 4C Lens Technology
• 1/1/1/1 Optical Clarity
• 12.5 and 9.3 Square Inch Viewing Area’s
• Premium Technical Specifications

These features broaden the color range and hues that can be seen in both light and dark states. This eliminates imperfections and color saturation to create the clearest view of the base material, arc and puddle while reducing eyestrain.

Both models live up to their professional grade with a number features that were designed to enhance versatility and performance for use in any environment or application—all backed by a hassle-free 3-year warranty.

The next generation of VIKING 2450 and 3350 Series welding helmets is here and available in 24 different styles. Learn more at

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