In January 1922, the American Welding Society (AWS) published the Proceedings of the American Welding Society, which over the years has been transformed into what is now the Welding Journal. This month, the Welding Journal celebrates its 100th year of continuous publication. Readers can look forward to an honorary column that will celebrate the past of our flagship magazine, a special 100-year anniversary issue in April, and more announcements to come.

As part of a strategic company objective, AWS has been implementing digital transformation initiatives throughout the organization. The editorial and publishing staff used this digital transformation and the Welding Journal’s centennial celebration to evaluate production processes and technology requirements, with the goal of supporting creative shifts in layout and editorial content.

The overall look and feel have been revamped to improve readability, taking a more modern approach to its layout with new fonts, color palettes, and article templates.

“The driving force behind these efforts is our readership,” said Annette Alonso, Publisher/Editor. “We want to enhance their experience by providing diversified content in a clean, contemporary layout. This redesign marks a collective jump forward.”

Editorial content, including Society News, Section News, departments, and more, will continue being expanded and adjusted to meet the readers’ needs and expectations.

Managing Editor of the Welding Journal, Kristin Campbell, stated, “Our editorial staff took the opportunity to review how we approach our topics, as well as different ways of presenting news to our members, volunteers, and industry leaders. As a result, our feature articles will be showcased in more creative ways across both print and digital formats, and many of our usual departments will be restyled and restructured.”

All additional AWS periodicals, including Welding Journal en Español, Inspection Trends, SPRAYTIME, and Welding Marketplace, will be redesigned following the successful implementation of the new Welding Journal.

For more information about the transformation of the Welding Journal during its 100th anniversary, read Alonso’s Editorial in the January 2022 issue of the magazine.

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