Air Water America, Inc.  a subsidiary of Air Water Inc., announced that it has acquired Noble Gas Solutions, Inc. (Noble Gas), a leading independent gas and welding products distributor in New York.

Formed in 1940, Noble Gas Solutions began serving the industrial and manufacturing industries; the company’s headquarters and primary cylinder filling plant are located in Albany, New York, with additional retail stores located in South Glens Falls, NY, and Kingston, NY.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for Noble Gas to continue its growth and for our employees to advance within the organization” said J David Mahoney former CEO and owner of Noble Gas. “The acquisition will provide Noble gas with additional resources to allow us to better serve our customers. The entire Noble Gas Solutions team is excited to expand our product offerings to our customers with Air Water’s advanced gases and solutions technology” said Colleen Kohler current CEO of Noble Gas.

 “North America is one of the key growth areas for Air Water Inc. globally.  In the past 5 years, Air Water America has made significant investments in the industrial gases and equipment area, acquiring Taylor-Wharton, TOMCO2 Systems, Cryogenic Vessels Alternative (CVA), Cryofin, the dry ice manufacturing assets of CO2 Air, a 49% stake of Dohmeyer Cryogenics, and a $50 million equity investment in First Element Fuels. Air Water Gases Solutions (AWGS) is the industrial gases arm of Air Water America, serving the industrial gases market in North America. AWGS product offerings serve the food and beverage sectors, electronics, pharmaceuticals, biosciences, energy, steel, manufacturing, and other industries,” said AWGS President and CEO, Ishmael Chalabi. “We’re excited to welcome the Noble Gas team to the Air Water Group and look forward to working together to serve the area’s customers.”

Kohler went on to say, in a statement to GAWDA Media, “Noble Gas Solutions will run day-to-day operations as it has been for over the last 80 years. With the acquisition, we expect to continue growing and maintaining our reputation for excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and a solid commitment to quality products and solutions, all backed by the same knowledgeable team. We will now be provided with additional resources to allow us to better serve our customers and expand our product offerings including advanced gases, applications, and solutions technology. That is the one of the main reasons this acquisition fit Noble so well.” She continued, “Noble will remain a GAWDA member.  I am also able to maintain my position on the board and hope to continue to advance in the chairs and serve my industry peers. This acquisition allows Noble Gas to continue on the path of steady growth and enables new exciting opportunities never before imagined, all while maintaining the same entrepreneurial company spirit augmented by Air Water’s culture in support of Noble’s new and expanded roles. There is great synergy between Noble and Air Water.  We have similar ambitions to grow and be a solutions-based partner to our customers.  There is great potential to provide better solutions to our end users and strengthen partnerships.”

About Air Water Group

Air Water America is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Air Water Inc. (“Air Water Japan”). Air Water Japan was established in 1929 and, for over 90 years, has continued to grow in the manufacturing and supply of industrial gases and related services. Air Water Japan has developed its own engineering capability to design, manufacture and operate air separation units and non-cryogenic air separation plants. Air Water Japan has successfully managed our industrial gas businesses and expanded our product supply and service capability throughout Japan, becoming a strong No. 2 player in the market. In the past few years, Air Water Japan also invested outside of Japan, in the U.S., India,  and Asian markets.

Since its incorporation, Air Water Japan and its group entities (“Air Water Group”) have expanded its businesses and provided consistent growth in revenues. Air Water Japan’s common stock is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Sapporo Stock Exchange. Air Water Group employs more than 18,000 people around the world and has annual net sales of approximately JPY807 billion (equivalent to USD 7.4 billion) on a consolidated basis for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2022.

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