Maine Oxy has been in business since 1929. Originally ran by the Albiston Family and was then purchased by Dan Guerin and Bryan Gentry in October of 2012. As of October 1st, 2022, Dan Guerin will be retiring as President but will remain on the board as Maine Oxy will be transitioning into the next phase of our history.  William Gentry will become the President of Maine Oxy. Kelly Gentry is continuing her role as the Head of the Human Resources department. Jason Gentry will oversee the real estate group including Maine Oxy, GFR and GGR. Chris Campbell is continuing in his role as the CFO with additional responsibility in overall leadership. Larry Bates is retiring after 35 years as Operations Manager. Wendy Rosado will transition into Larry’s role with over 10 years of direct industry experience. Lenny Hall is taking over responsibility for distribution of Maine Oxy.   Lawrence Grant is taking over the engineering and bulk installation department with the retirement of George Lyon who was with Maine Oxy for over 30 years. Our leadership team is positioned for the next phase of Maine Oxy’s growth in the future.

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