Encore Gas & Supply, a Southern California based independent gas and industrial supply distributor, rang in the new year by launching a completely redesigned website which can be accessed by visiting www.EncoreSupply.com.

According to president Ben Anderson, “while we always received compliments about our old website, the new site more accurately reflects the company as it is today – in particular the ‘mission critical’ nature of the industries we serve and the products and services we provide.” Encore serves a wide variety of industries, the operations of which are too vital to be disrupted by delays, inaccuracies and interruptions with critical supplies, such as: aerospace, manufacturing, construction, energy / oil & gas, bioscience, food & beverage and others.

“We want to send a clear message that we deeply understand how important and time sensitive their operations are, and our ongoing commitment to support them accurately, on time, every time,” said Anderson. In addition to information about Encore’s product and service offerings, such as: specialty and industrial gases; welding, industrial and safety products; and the company’s two Southern California retail showrooms, the website also features a secure customer portal which supports streamlined product reordering, invoice history, gas cylinder balances and other services.

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