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Cryoworks History

In Jurupa Valley, CA, surrounded by scenic mountains, CryoWorks continues to impressively grow a family business started by husband-and-wife Tim and Donna Mast. With the help of their adult-children Tim Jr. (CEO) and Nick (VP of Development) Tim and Donna, who still serve as Chairs, established a trusted entity when it comes to the design, build and repair of cryogenic piping for end user systems. Tim and Donna are also proud parents of two children who have found success outside of their company. Their oldest son Joe is a Sales Manager for Mainline Sales (a local manufacturers’ representative firm) and their youngest and only daughter, Katie, is a Manufacturing Engineer for SpaceX Hawthorne.

CryoWorks originally joined GAWDA in 2017. I vividly remember doing a kickoff call with Tim and Donna when they first joined. My first impression was that they were extremely nice people who seemed to know a thing or two about growing a successful business. They signed up for an ad campaign that year which allowed me to stay in touch with them throughout the year with built in check-in’s to promote them. We met face-to-face for the first time in Boca Raton at the SMC at Mark Raimy’s unforgettable President’s Welcome Reception pool party featuring the first and only GAWDA band appearance to date. The most memorable, and random, part of our first face-to-face chat when we discovered both my family and theirs have sons – Joe, Nick AND Tim.

GAWDA Media Visits Cryoworks

After the most recent GAWDA Annual Convention in San Diego, I ventured inland and North to Jurupa Valley to visit CryoWorks for a tour of their facility. Having heard the story of how they originally started in 2009 out of their house and then into a rental house, the scale and size of the operation took me by surprise given it is only a 14 year old company. There was action going on everywhere on their property, all workers doing their part of whichever project was being worked on all while carrying a true family business feel. Workers all branded in different ways proudly displaying the CryoWorks logo on shirts, hats, aprons, pens, mugs, you name it.

One thing is for sure, you can’t build a company this big, this quickly without the help of great employees. Many of the workers have been there for many years. Others brought on as the company continues to add staff each year. Many have stayed on and grown with the company. Key players like Tim Mast Jr., Nick Theiss, Matt Miller (Director of Sales), all have become regulars at GAWDA events and have been with the company from the beginning as original hires. Proof of that would be the photo collages displayed year-by-year showing the progression of the company and personal-life victories from different staff members throughout the break area and common spaces. Something like you would see in a high school friend’s basement with random pictures of just about anything with a similar cast of characters from year to year.

Their facility and operation are both big and organized. It was cool to see the entire process from the engineer’s bullpens where designs and concepts are conceived and tweaked until they are ready to go into production to gather all components that will be needed for an install. Engineers using technology to draw out a plan of the system and components to pass off to the production team that includes welders and assemblers, to get them staged for delivery to the customer where they’ll be installed to simply get the cryogenic fluid from the storage tank to end use.

Cryoworks Growth

In 14 short years they’ve grown from two employees in the rental house up to90. The company has been able to scale up by carrying a very clear strategy to leverage their specialized engineers to ensure customers receive good trustworthy products and systems that will work safely and efficiently. For independent gas distributors, CryoWorks is a great company to have as a partner going into the design and build of an end user vacuum insulated piping (VIP) system for cryogenic liquids.

The company is positioned for future growth with “young” yet experienced key players carrying the values shown to them by their founders being reliable partners in this niche industry. The company has already handled world-class projects among them NASA, Space Exploration, Clean Energy, and other mega contracts which has also played a major role in them being able to scale so quickly. They’ve shown that there is no job too big for them to tackle. The bigger the job, the more fired up it gets their team to really showcase their expertise.

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