In the 2nd Quarter Issue of Welding & Gases Today, Hobart Filler Metals, an ITW Welding Company, wrote a Sponsored Article outlining strategies for GAWDA Distributors in selling the Hercules™ Automated MIG Welding System.

Every aspect of welding is a package deal. For quality welds, you need the right gas and wire for the job, as well as the appropriate torch and complementary components. To protect the welder, you need safety gear like gloves, a helmet and a jacket. To do it right, you need a bundle of products. The same goes for your customers. They need the right bundle of products to get the job done. And to build and maintain your relationship with them, you need to offer value with the right combination to help them effectively and efficiently meet their production demands. It takes the right package for both you and your customers to benefit — and profit — from the relationship. That’s what the Hercules™ Automated MIG Welding System offers.

To read more about the revolutionary Hercules™ Automated MIG Welding System click here to read the full article on the GAWDA Buyer’s Guide or read the embedded article from the Q2 Issue of Welding & Gases Today below.

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