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September 15, 2018 New Products

Weldcote Metals Introduces Low-Manganese Stick Electrodes

Weldcote Metals, Inc. has introduced WCM low-manganese emission shielded metal arc welding electrodes. The new patented Weldcote line has a unique flux composition that supplies weld metal with a significantly lower manganese content, decreasing manganese vapor emissions by as much as 60 percent in comparison to standard electrodes. The WCM low-manganese product line is available in three AWS classifications: E-6011, E-6013 and E-7018.

“Our low manganese product lines are the answer that the industry has been looking for,” said Joe O’Mera, CEO, Weldcote Metals. “This solution is in response to the increasingly demanding environmental safety regulations that our customers are faced with, while providing the required mechanical properties needed to achieve a superior weld.”



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