Trendex Inc. was started by Soumitra Mukherjee in 1984. Within a few months of the company’s founding, Soumitra’s brother, Bob Mukherjee, joined the company and the two began developing software for the wholesale distribution industry. Shortly afterwards, in 1985, they were asked to develop a system for the welding industry by several welding supply distributors who knew Soumitra. They decided to develop the software for the welding industry also. Unfortunately, in 1991, Bob passed away in a car accident.

“We were just starting to expand into the U.S. with our software for the welding industry, Gastrend, and had to put that on hold until we were able to put the company back together again,” Soumitra says. “In 1995 we were able to go back and address marketing and selling in the U.S. and expanding into the states again. It’s unfortunate that Bob never got to see the fruits of his labor. He was really instrumental in putting together the original version of the Gastrend software. There are still programs with his name on them and our employees and customers that knew him still comment about some of the complex ideas that he developed and the feature-rich programs that are still being used today.”

Once the Gastrend software was developed and tested with a gas distributor, Trendex installed the software at a larger distributor’s company where the software performed extremely well. With the help of this one distributor, Trendex was able to install ten other distributors in its first year.

 “To this day, our growth is attributed to the referrals from our customers and our reputation for the service provided after the sale,” Soumitra says. “Looking back 35 years, we are very proud of what we have accomplished over the years and the amazing software that our team at Trendex has been able to create. Their passion is the result of our reliable, high-quality software and our unparalleled service.”

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