November 1, 2019 Safety & Compliance

GAWDA Files Comments on Driver Hours of Service Proposal. GAWDA has filed comments with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on the agency’s proposed changes to its driver hours of service regulations. 84 Fed. Reg. 44190 (August 22, 2019).

GAWDA supported expanding the short-haul exceptions in 49 CFR § 395.1(e) to allow CDL and non-CDL drivers a 14-hour daily limit under this provision to place the short-haul driver on the same duty period as a long-haul truck driver even though a short-haul driver in local distribution operations is generally not subject to the same fatigue concerns as a long-haul operator.

In addition, GAWDA supported expanding the short-haul air-mile radius for CDL drivers to 150 miles rather than current 100 miles. Expanding the rule to a standard 150 air-mile radius would make the rule uniform for all commercial motor vehicle drivers and give additional flexibility to CDL drivers.

To read the full comments, click here.



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