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Dave Zellen Joins VMG as Business Development Director

VMG hired Dave Zellen as its Business Development Director. In this position, Zellen will be responsible for leading sales and marketing activities, including setting strategy, building the product offering, understanding the marketplace and generating revenue. He will also be responsible for providing financial insight, guidance, recommendations, revenue objectives, product supply demand forecasting, revenue analysis and reporting. Additionally, he will manage customer support and help to identify and improve company processes and systems, as well as work as part of the VMG team responsible for hardware and software innovation.

Prior to joining VMG, Zellen worked in leadership positions at Procter & Gamble, Sunny Delight Beverages and the University of Cincinnati, where he continues to work as an Executive in Residence.

I am excited about being part of the VMG team and helping accelerate growth on the breakthrough telemetry products because of their potential to improve how industrial gases and gas systems are managed and supplied,” says Zellen. “I have worked for start-ups and established companies and love that this opportunity with VMG combines both.  It provides a chance to learn a new industry, work for a great family owned and operated business that has been around for 70 years and lead revenue growth for a seven year old startup in the innovative IoT space.” 



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