BTIC America

BTIC America Corporation was established in Houston, Texas, in 1995. The company was actually founded as America Fortune Company, but began selling high pressure gas cylinders from Beijing Tianhai Industry Co., Ltd. (BTIC). That relationship grew and blossomed and eventually led America Fortune Company to become a subsidiary of BTIC. Thus, BTIC America Corporation (BAC) was formed.

BTIC is one of the largest cylinder manufacturers and distributors in the world, and, together, BTIC and BAC represent more than seven different manufacturing facilities, offering a wide range of products for every cylinder need.

BAC prides itself on offering “the most advanced gas cylinders for all industries that utilize cylinders.” Its mission statement is: “We endeavor to exceed customer’s expectations by a) providing high quality cylinders at competitive prices; b) delivering first-class services; c) treating everyone with integrity and professionalism.”

It continues, “Our ongoing commitment to quality, service and continued improvement assures us a leader in the cylinder industry.”

Says Founder Bill Zheng, “Our singular goal is to exceed our customers’ needs with fast and efficient service. Our shipping times are among the lowest in the industry and we offer complete factory-to-door service when requested.”

Delta Gases

Ken Linnenbringer started Delta Gases in 1995 with two silent investors and a dream of building a business he could call his own.

“He knew he could start a welding and gases distribution business and make it work,” says Todd Linnenbringer, Vice President. “With hard work and good people, we have made that dream a reality.”

When Ken started the company, Delta consisted of four employees: himself and one other outside salesperson, an inside salesperson, and a delivery driver. On the day Delta opened its doors, the company had $0 in sales.

“They just went out and worked hard, put a lot of hours in and got the ball rolling,” Todd says. “We haven’t looked back. We’ve had a steady growth for 25 years.”

One of the reasons that Delta has been able to sustain that steady growth is by making strategic hires.

“The main reason for our growth is our dedicated employees,” Todd says. “We’ve brought on good people that just want to work hard and have fun. And we don’t micromanage them. I’d put our industry knowledge and customer service up against anybody.”

Delta Gases sells into both the gas and hardgoods industries. Its entry into the gas business can be attributed to Ken’s instance that Delta own, rather than rent, its own cylinders.

“Even in the beginning years, he owned the cylinders and we had someone else fill them for us,” says Todd. “A couple of years in, we bought our bulk tanks and started to fill our own gases. That took us to another level.”

Todd joined the company in 1999, after graduating from college. In 2003, Todd and his sister, Heather, bought out the company’s two silent investors to become part of the ownership group.

Today, Delta Gases has two locations and 25 employees. Looking ahead into the future, Todd anticipates doubling in size in the next ten years.

“I could see us doubling our sales in the next ten years, and adding one or two more locations,” he says.

He continues, “I’m very proud to be celebrating 25 years. I’m proud of the courage it took for my dad to start the company and I’m proud of how we’ve grown. I’m looking forward to the next 25 years.”

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