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F&M MAFCO Promotes Timothy Fries to Chief Operating Officer

F&M MAFCO, a leading international supplier of tools and equipment rental, sales, and service programs, announced Tim Fries’ promotion to chief operating officer (COO) from his role as VP sales and marketing. This leadership appointment comes two weeks after owner and COO Bill McKenna’s passing.

According to Dan McKenna, the president of F&M MAFCO, “Appointing Tim to this critical leadership role is something that we had envisioned for him from the very first day he joined our organization. Tim has proven to be an amazing leader and has the experience, temperament, and skill set necessary to continue the tremendous growth we have experienced over the past few years. More importantly, he has the humble, hungry, and smart character attributes that represent our team’s core DNA and company culture. Both employees and customers respect him.”

Fries joined F&M MAFCO two years ago as a seasoned executive with over 32 years of sales and marketing experience in the industrial piping valve fabrication industry. Before joining F&M MAFCO, he served as senior VP of sales & marketing, North America and international at Powell Valves. In his new role, Fries assumes responsibility for all operating functions of the F&M MAFCO organization.

Energized about his new role, Fries commented, “I am very honored to be taking on these new responsibilities. We have an amazing team in place and a powerful brand with a long history of going above and beyond for our customers. Bill McKenna was a great mentor and friend to me. I look forward to continuing his legacy by bringing a lot of what he envisioned for the future of the company to life.”

Fries added, “My goal is to continue our strategic efforts to become a more agile, technologically driven organization, and to better connect with our customers while improving internal workplace efficiencies.” Fries indicated that his other strategic focus areas would be to proactively nurture the next level of leadership, improve speed-to-market activation with new products and services, and diversify the core business into new market segments.


Based in Cincinnati, F&M MAFCO is a leading international tool and equipment rental, sales, and service company with operations in Alabama; Indiana; Missouri; Nevada; North Carolina; West Virginia; Sheffield, United Kingdom; St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands; and Vancouver, Canada. The company specializes in providing tools and equipment rental, sales, and service programs in the construction and heavy industrial markets across many segments, including power generation, manufacturing, petrochemical, chemical, bridges, marine and offshore, pulp and paper, and mining. F&M MAFCO is a family-owned and operated business established in 1945.



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