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Oxygen Service Company Recognized With ABB Robotics Lifetime Achievement Award

Oxygen Service Company was recognized by ABB Robotics with its Lifetime Achievement Award as part of the 2020 ABB Robotics Americas Value Provider Awards. According to the ABB website:

ABB Robotics Value Provider conferences are one of the most important events on our calendar every year and specifically designed to bring together the key players in your business to share knowledge, experience, and insights regarding current and emerging robotics technologies, best practices, and industry trends. One important VPC tradition is recognizing our partners who made an extraordinary contribution at a gala awards ceremony. This year we are virtually meeting and recognizing our partners and we do hope that next year we can meet again.

Oxygen Service Company was recognized with the Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s Conference.

“Oxygen Service Company, Inc. Is a 61 year old St Paul, MN company that started as a supplier of welding consumables and equipment.  In 1998 Oxygen Service entered the robotic welding market when they became an ABB Robotics Value Provider. Over the years their robotic welding  business with ABB has grown and are now one of the leading suppliers of robotic welding systems in the upper midwest.  Oxygen Service makes extensive use of the ABB welding portfolio from stand alone robots to FlexArc systems, always proven using Robot Studio.  Their longstanding commitment to their customers and ABB as a robot supplier makes us proud at ABB to have Oxygen Service recognized for the Lifetime Achievement Award.”



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