Tulsa Gas & Gear was founded ten years ago, “with the idea of providing customers with high quality products and outstanding service at a competitive price.” The company’s founders, Steve Stobaugh, Lloyd Hyle, Johnny Stamps, Don Stobaugh, John Scott, Scott Row, and John Wallace had worked in the welding supply business and decided to stake out on their own.

“We started with an empty building and no guarantee of any vendors or customers following us,” says Managing Member Steve Stobaugh. “Over time, TGG has earned a reputation for being the premier full-service welding supplier in the Tulsa area. Our service reputation was earned from our large inventory of welding supplies, state of the art welding gas fill station, full-service welding equipment repair, readily available welding rental equipment, and by providing the best customer service. Over the course of our history, we’ve also added microbulk delivery for argon, oxygen, nitrogen, and CO2. And, most recently, we’ve added dry ice production to our capabilities.”

The Tulsa, Oklahoma, distributor has grown to 35 employees in the decade since it was founded. In 2015, the company expanded its ability to service customers by joining the LDA Buying Group, and in 2017, Tulsa Gas & Gear opened a gas cylinder filling plant and continued to expand gas service and capabilities throughout 2018 and 2019, including with the introduction of the company’s first nitrogen tube trailer and hydrogen cylinder filling capabilities. In 2019, TGG expanded its gas filling delivery capabilities with the addition of an argon micro bulk delivery truck, the addition of a helium filling station and the addition CO2 microbulk delivery.

“Since our formation, we’ve continued to grow each year,” Stobaugh says. “In another ten years, I expect we will have multiple locations throughout the state.”

While the company has grown and evolved in the ten years since it was founded, it remains true to its mission statement, “To serve and satisfy our customers by improving the cost effectiveness and quality of our products and services. Tulsa Gas & Gear continues to build a team of people who will develop and maintain a quality and service-oriented attitude that leads the industry.”

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