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Haun Welding Supply – Passing the Torch to the Next Generation

Haun Welding Supply and Specialty Gases is thrilled to announce that Josh Haun and Erich Haun will be jointly stepping into the role of Co‐President and officially making Haun a 4th generation owned and operated company.

Josh and Erich have both served in multiple roles within the company, from store counters and sales, to inner office departments. They bring with them a fresh new perspective while preserving the company’s core values instilled in them by their father and grandfather. In regards to the upcoming promotion, Josh stated “It’s really exciting, for me, to now be in this position to be able to guide [Haun Welding Supply], along with Erich, into our next phase…”

Mark Haun, President Emeritus, will be taking on an advisory role in the company while he prepares for retirement. In a statement made to employees, Erich said, “It’s been a good opportunity to not lose Mark’s knowledge and experience, to be able to feed off of him and have him support us while Josh and I assume the role of Co‐President…”

The Haun family has been servicing the welding industry for over 65 years and has expanded to 21 locations across the Northeast. Customer service has been the main focus and priority since Orval Haun first opened the doors, back in 1956, and that is still true today. Mark Haun reflected on one of his earliest lessons in business, “My Grandfather always talked about how important it was to take care of the customer… that was instilled in me early on and has stuck with me. It is the mainstay of who we are and how we started and that will be how we continue into the future, taking care of the customer…“

It will be business as usual for customers, vendors, and the general public. A smooth transition can be expected as the corporate office has been working behind the scenes for several months in an effort to make this as seamless as possible.



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