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AWS Marks Completion of Migrating Certified Welding Engineer (CWEng) Certification Exams to Computer-Based Testing

Over the past few years, the American Welding Society has been migrating its paper-based certification examinations to computer-based tests (CBT). The most recent certification exam to move to entirely computer-based testing is the Certified Welding Engineer (CWEng) exam. Those seeking to sit for the four-part CWEng exam may now do so at any Prometric exam center worldwide.

AWS Certified Welding Engineers have demonstrated they are familiar with codes, specifications, standards and other aspects of fabrication and assembly for the production of welded joints. They prepare and produce reports, which accurately reflect professional judgment and work with management representatives, inspection personnel, welders and support crafts, understanding the integrated role of each in the development of weldments.

”The move of the CWEng exam to CBT represents several advantages,“ said Denny Smith, Managing Director of Certification. ”Exam standardization and security is improved, exams are taken at the candidate‘s closest Prometric test center on a convenient date and time for them, and the exam review and scoring processes are streamlined.“

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