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GAWDA’s Women of Gases & Welding Committee Hosts First Ever Virtual Roundtable

GAWDA’s first ever online Women of Gases and Welding Roundtable event was a smashing success. This new virtual offering provided an opportunity for women in the industry to network, learn, engage, and connect with one another. The event started with a brief introduction on what WGW entails, followed by an overview of the opportunities available to GAWDA members. The large audience then transitioned into a small group breakout session, allowing participants to introduce themselves, and share their roles within their company and their goals they are currently striving for. The audience then returned back together to participate in an open roundtable discussion; lightly tackling topics such as time management, professional growth, and overcoming adversity.

The WGW committee is working hard to meet the needs of GAWDA female members. Additional opportunities, both in-person and virtual, for ALL GAWDA members (male and female) to get involved and network with others in the industry will be available soon.

Here are some quotes from this past event’s participants…

“Hearing from other women of varying experience levels in gases & welding gave actionable guidance.”

  • Maura Garvey, with Intelligas Consulting

WGW roundtable is a great way for women across our industry to connect and strengthen their relationships across our industry. The women in this group represents a broad spectrum of roles across the companies they represent, and it is such a great way to network and empower each other!”

  • Brinkley Brown, with AWG – Thoroughbred Division

The power in having a network of likeminded people from all parts of the industry, especially a group of other women, speaks for itself.”

  • Alexis McDermott, with Dynabrade

“In an industry that has been historically male dominated, WGW offers a unique opportunity to network among women to share similar experiences, challenges and successes.”

  • Kate Fields, with Airgas

“The WGW Virtual Roundtable provided me the perfect opportunity to engage, connect, and learn from other women in the manufacturing, welding, and gas industry. This event was really a perfect outlet to be able to come together as women and take others experiences, relatable with our own and thrive more in the work force and in our duties each day. I look forward to being able to connect with more women from the GAWDA association and am even more so eager to see and meet with everyone at the upcoming GAWDA annual conference in San Diego. Thank you WGW for giving me the opportunity as a woman and young professional in the industrial gas industry.”

  • Morgan Morris, with CO2Meter

“Over 80 females within the GAWDA community signed up to connect and share in this event. I am absolutely thrilled and inspired to see so many women connecting and gaining value from one another. On behalf of the WGW Committee, we thank you for participating and sharing your perspectives. We look forward to providing more opportunities to support your professional growth. See you in San Diego!”

  • Melissa Heard with Weldcoa

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