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Dale Oxygen Named One of Pennsylvania’s Top 100 Organizations

According to a LinkedIn Post from Dale Oxygen, Inc. President Evan Bennear, Dale Oxygen was included on Pennsylvania Business Central’s list of Top 100 Organizations. According to Pennsylvania Business Central’s website, “These are the businesses and institutions that not only provide the goods and ser­vices that make our region a great place to live, but are leading the way in technical innovation and economic development throughout the state and beyond. Though we may take their services for granted, they are there every day maintaining and improving our quality of life. We find their stories interesting and inspiring which is why we are proud to share them with you in 2023 Top 100 Organizations edition!”

Its write-up of Dale Oxygen says, “Established in 1939, Dale Oxygen, Inc., is a specialist in the manufacturing and distribution of industrial & specialty packaged gas products and is a regional leader for technical application services covering welding, cutting, safety and industrial products. Dale Oxygen services customers in 17 counties throughout Western & Central Pennsylvania and Western Maryland. The organization has been a family owned and operated business since its founding. Headquartered in Johnstown, with three branch operations in Indiana, Altoona, and Somerset. Dale Oxygen is extremely proud of its dedicated employees who continue to drive the organization forward. Dale Oxygen, Inc. is actively involved with the following organizations: American Welding Society, Gas & Welding Distributors Association, Compressed Gas Association and several Pennsylvania County Chambers, as well as a philanthropic supporter of numerous central Pennsylvania educational, arts and community enrichment initiatives.”



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