Robert Anders Speaks With Intentionality

After Eric spoke, GAWDA President Robert Anders took the stage to discuss the theme of his presidency, “Living Intentionally.” Robert reflected on the pact he made with membership during the 2022 Annual Convention in San Diego and took stock of his life to see if “his video was following his audio.”
He discussed changes he made in his own life in his effort to live intentionally. He also presented a “mid-year” snapshot for GAWDA, which includes:
  • Holding more than 25 meetings and seminars (including in-person, webinars, and seminars.)
  • The introduction of the new GAWDA macroeconomic series
  • The launch of the GAWDA MBA Program, in which 125 GAWDA members participated in.
He also presented some membership data, including the fact that GAWDA has a 96% retention rate and the fact that more than 40% of GAWDA members have been with the organization for over 30 years!
Finally, Robert introduced the GAWDA Gives Back recipient for the Annual Convention in Hawaii, the Malama Family Health Center. The Malama Family Health Center provides caring, holistic substance use disorder treatment to women and children so families can live safe, independent and healthy lives. This is a cause that is near and dear to Robert and Missy’s heart, as they have seen the impact of substance abuse in their own lives. Click the button below to learn more about the GAWDA Gives Back Recipient.

Bob Ewing Recognizes Award Recipients

First Past President Bob Ewing then took the stage to recognize GAWDA’s scholarship recipients. This year, GAWDA members donated $28,800 and GAWDA matched $25,000, which will allow for 15 students to be awarded $2,000 each. To date, the scholarship fund has received $141,968.90. Thank you to all who have donated. The winners of the 2023 GAWDA scholarship are:
  • Luke Brower, Trust Protection Company
  • Tyler Bushinski, Oxygen Service Company
  • Quinn Costin, Computers Unlimited
  • Cassidy Crawford, nexAir
  • Samiya Gupta, Matheson Tri-Gas
  • Evan Hefele, CK Supply
  • Wyatt Huskey, CK Supply
  • Dylan Javor, Metro Welding Supply
  • Coleton Kemp, West Penn Laco
  • Eli Nelsen, Oxygen Service Company
  • Gregory Phillips, West Penn Laco
  • Kyle Plant, Matheson Gas
  • Ethan Poser, Oxygen Service Company
  • Lindsey Tremel, Electronic Fluorocarbons
  • Jonathan Waddle, CGW Abrasives

Hallerin Hilton Hill Inspires the Crowd

Robert Anders then retook the stage to introduce the morning’s first keynote speaker and his personal friend Hallerin Hilton Hill. Hallerin and Robert first met 25 years ago and, “Like a fine wine, he just keeps getting better,” said Robert.
Hallerin Hilton Hill is a communication mastermind, a leadership guru, and a true Renaissance man. With over 30 years of experience in inspiring, informing, and entertaining audiences across the United States, Hallerin has become one of the most sought-after speakers in the business.
Hallerin spoke about intentionality, in keeping with the theme of the event. His overall message was one of optimism and hope. “Life is what you make of it. Intention shapes your world,” he said. He relayed stories from his own life that drive his intention. He concluded that, “We are all in control of our own actions and mindset and have control over the outcome and the type of person we will become.”

SMC Concludes with Industry Keynote from Lincoln Electric’s Steven Hedlund

Following a brief break, GAWDA President-Elect Gary Halter took the stage to introduce the final presenter of the SMC, Lincoln Electric EVP and COO Steven Hedlund.
Steven ran point on Lincoln’s integration in Europe after its Air Liquide Welding acquisition and relayed lessons learned throughout that process and his career at Lincoln. His presentation detailed “Hard Lessons Learned.” His presentation was broken up into five key themes: change management, empathetic leadership, leadership development, talent density, and building morale. It was an interesting, funny, and take-away-filled presentation and the perfect cap on a record-setting SMC.
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