Cryogenic Technology Resources (CTR) began 30 years ago as a one-man operation. President Jeff Winegar opened the company as a field cryogenic vessel repair and cosmetic upgrade start-up.

“I spent 18 years in the industry with Air Products and Sunox,” he says. “The relationships I had developed over the years helped in a big way in getting jobs as a start-up service vendor.”

As the company has steadily grown over the past three decades, CTR has been able to add more employees and capabilities. 

“It has been the long-term quality people that were key to CTR’s success,” says Winegar.

The company is built on bedrocks of honesty and quality. Those two standards have been critical to CTR’s success, and the company has made them priorities from the very beginning.

“The past five years, CTR has experienced substantial growth,” Winegar says. “New management associates have stepped up and performed to the highest standards. Our focus is to continue organic growth through manufacturing improvements and new equipment designs. We feel a healthy growth forecast is in the 5-10% annually range.”

The company created a special 30th anniversary logo to celebrate this year’s milestone and will also be having a companywide celebration to commemorate it. 

Winegar concludes, “I cannot express how thankful I am for how CTR has grown throughout the past 30 years.As I look back, I would do it all again with no hesitations.”

Congratulations to all GAWDA members celebrating milestone anniversaries in 2023.

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