Solution Source

Founded in 1993 by Tim Yoder, the current President and CIO, Solution Source has established itself as a leading provider of the Oracle NetSuite ERP software platform, specializing in partnerships with distributors and manufacturers. What began as a Microsoft Access database development service for small businesses in the Goshen, Indiana, community has now evolved into a comprehensive provider of implementation, development, and managed services for Oracle NetSuite ERP.

While teaching in the business department at Goshen College, Tim met fellow professor Russ Rupp, who joined the business as a partner in 1998. Tim and Russ combined their expertise in IT management, public accounting, and business consulting, along with their dedication to meeting the specific needs of clients, and the company continued to thrive as it catered to a growing market niche in the community. The company, operating under the name Custom Business Solutions, Inc. changed its name to Solution Source in 2001, reflecting its core mission of providing effective solutions to businesses seeking to overcome their technology pain points.
Goshen College also led Tim and Russ through what they call the “four-year interview process” with one of their students, Ryan Britsch, who joined the company as partner and COO in 2003. Ryan, with a background in IT management and manufacturing systems, proved to be a valuable addition to the team. His expertise brought stability to Solution Source’s day-to-day operations and project management, fueling the company’s ongoing growth.

In 2003, the company became one of the early providers of the cloud-based ERP platform, NetSuite, which is now owned by Oracle. In fact, Solution Source is the second oldest independent NetSuite Solution Provider in North America, and one of only 10 providers with more than 15 years of experience implementing NetSuite. That expertise allows us to help our clients avoid common pitfalls of ERP implementations and to deliver the best possible experience on the ERP system.

Solution Source is defined by a culture of shared success – the company is invested in the success of its clients, and it shares that success throughout all levels of the organization. The company culture emphasizes transparency and accountability, both to fellow employees and to clients. By developing this culture, the company can build long-term relationships that provide long-term value for customers. Solution Source was recently named to the Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s Best Places to Work in Indiana 2023 list.

“With our focus on building long-term partnerships, Solution Source strives to keep clients both highly satisfied and highly engaged, which often go hand-in-hand,” the company says. “While other companies focus solely on developing off-the-shelf solutions, Solution Source adopted a client-centric approach. Solution Source focuses on fully understanding their clients’ goals and objectives, which allows them to tailor personalized software solutions that align with each client’s specific needs. This unique business model is the cornerstone of Solution Source’s operations. After reaching our previous goal of 30 clients, we recently set a new 10-year goal to have 150 clients by 2033 who meet our criteria for both satisfaction and engagement. Our focus on delivering the best partner experience possible will remain constant through the next 10 years of growth.”


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