Author: William Brod

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William Brod is the Publisher of GAWDA Media, producers of Welding & Gases Today and other related communications. He is part of the GAWDA Media team, and can be reached at [email protected], or at 315-445-2347, x138.

GAWDA Media is now into our third year of serving the membership by producing Welding & Gases Today and the GAWDA Connection, as well as supporting the GAWDA headquarters staff in delivering the annual meetings. We had a steep learning curve to climb getting started in 2016, especially on the editorial side. This effort was led by Editor in Chief Diane Stirling, who established a high standard for excellence through her strategic planning skills and attention to detail. Recently her alma mater, Syracuse University, lured her back to produce a magazine about the research projects being done by university staff…

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