Author: Cheyenne Hunt

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Cheyenne Hunt, J.D. is a progressive advocate and attorney specializing in progressive activism, legislative advocacy, communications and democracy-focused tech policy. She currently serves as a Big Tech Accountability Advocate with Public Citizen.

As a GenZ authority and policy advocate, I believe it is essential to advance a cross-generational understanding of the driving forces behind the post-millennial economy in order for industry to establish best practices and move forward in a meaningful and impactful way. GenZ, the “iGen” demographic cohort born between 1997 and 2012, is the first to grow up fully immersed in technology. As such, “Zoomers” are known for a high level of digital savviness that has underpinned their unprecedented entrepreneurial spirit—and their abrogation from societal norms. While there are a myriad of behaviors and beliefs that heavily influenced GenZ’s economic…

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