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August 15, 2018 New Products


Cryovation Offering Three New Products

Cryovation is expanding its product line with three new offerings: a moisture detection system, a cryogenic pump and an argon purifier system.

CryoVation’s MasterSense System is designed to detect residual moisture in carbon dioxide cylinders. This unit was developed primarily for the beverage industry but is applicable to all CO2 cylinder re-filling. It features a 15-second detection process, with a single or dual cylinder option.

The CryoVation CV40 Cryogenic Pump is designed to increase speed and reduce both maintenance and downtime. It delivers up to 4.0 GPM (15 LPM) and up to 4,000 PSI (275 BAR) or 6,000 PSI (400 BAR) MAWP. Applications include heavy-duty cylinder filling, boosting of storage cylinders in unattended automated systems, large fill plants and inert or oxygen service.

The CryoVation Argon Purifier System Ar6 incorporates heated getter-based technology and allows inline installation to an existing high-purity manifold with an integral purifier bypass for easy user interface when Grade 6 is not required.



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