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September 1, 2018 New Products

Black Stallion Introduces New Welding Cap and NFPA 2112/NFPA 70E Certified Welding Jacket

Black Stallion introduces the AH1630-GS welding cap. Constructed of single-layer flame-resistant cotton, the cap provides lightweight protection with less heat trapping. The bill on the cap is wider and longer than other welding caps, offering excellent neck protection against sparks and sunburn. Hidden within the bill is a flap of durable 7-ounce FR cotton. When extended over a welding jacket collar, the flap provides additional neck protection.

Black Stallion is also now offering a new NFPA 2112 & NFPA 70E Certified FR Cotton Welding Jacket (JF2220-GY). Certified to both NFPA 2112 and NFPA 70E standards, the JF2220-GY is designed for welders who may be exposed to short-duration thermal exposures from fire and arc flash hazards typically associated with oil and gas, utility and industrial applications. With an Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) of 10 calories/cm2, the jacket can be part of a Category 2 PPE program for potential exposure to energized electrical equipment.

Eleet Cryogenics Now Offering New High-Performance Taylor-Wharton Micro-Bulk Tanks

Eleet Cryogenics is now offering 2,000L – 5,000L VHP Taylor-Wharton Micro-Bulk tanks. These tanks feature the largest tank-mounted vaporizers available at 3,500 SCFH, with top and bottom fill lines and dual fill adapters for bulk or micro-bulk trucks. In addition, they have a backpressure economizer regulator to vent to atmosphere prior to lifting the tank safeties or for use in low-pressure applications. Standard equipment also includes a dedicated liquid line with valve, vacuum probes with pump-down access, extended stem Rego valves, and a stainless-steel skid. The units are stocked at multiple locations around the U.S. for quick delivery and lower freight cost.

Fluoramics Introduces New Multi-Purpose PTFE Tape

Fluoramics, Inc. is offering a new premium, full-density PTFE tape that comes in ½” and ¾” sizes and requires just two wraps to tightly seal most joints. If the application specs call for PTFE tape and thread sealant, simply apply LOX-8 Paste over Fluoramics PTFE tape for an unbeatable combination that can handle even the toughest thread-sealing challenges. This product is approved for use in oxygen service.



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