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Ratermann Manufacturing, Inc.: 20 Years

The core division of Ratermann Manufacturing is celebrating their 20th anniversary. Founded by George Ratermann out of the shed of his house, the company has now grown thanks to the support of customers and employees. Ratermann manufacturing opened its doors with two parts to sell and now houses over 20,000 individual parts and supplies for cryogenic and high-pressure gases. George reflects back on Ratermann’s growth, “It is hard to believe we are 20 years old. The only way this was able to happen is from the relationships and support of our great customers and the dedication from our employees that value their role in helping our customers. We just got done printing our newest catalog and it was both baffling and humbling to see the scope and size of our product offering compared to our first catalog. I am tremendously thankful to our customers and employees and excited for the next 20 years to come!”

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