Team Airweld was thrilled to once again join Team Lincoln Electric at two NHRA fall classics! The crew worked the U.S. Nationals at the Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis Labor Day Weekend and The Mopar Nationals at the Maple Grove Raceway in Pennsylvania, September 12th through 15th.

“Out of all the events and shows that I have the opportunity to attend, it is the races at NHRA that I look forward to the most,” said Airweld Vice President Eric Terwilliger. “There is just something about pulling up to the track on a Thursday before any spectators arrive; maybe it is the sound and excitement of hearing and feeling Top Fuel cars speed past you at 330 mph, maybe the sight of seeing the race teams setting up or maybe it’s just the familiarity of it all,” Eric beamed. “Although they are long days on your feet and talking to hundreds of people, sometimes 14 hours straight, Team Airweld enjoys supporting Lincoln Electric at these events and we are grateful that they invite us back every year,” he concluded.

Team Airweld participants John McNulty and Rich Graziano agreed with Eric’s excitement and added their thoughts. “It is a blast to see customers interact with the race teams,” McNulty smiled. Graziano, who was accompanied to the Maple Grove races by Airweld customer Salvatore Felice, added, “Each year we get smarter, better and more successful at these events and are grateful to Lincoln Electric for letting us partner with them.”

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