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CGA Offers Free End User & Industrial Safety Posters


Safe Use of Liquid Nitrogen in Food & Beverage Service Environments

Historically, the compressed gas industry’s products have been used in industrial, food and medical settings where employee safety and training have long been a priority. As the industry evolves, the same products are being increasingly used in new applications by new users – including by consumers.

The safety standards published by the Compressed Gas Association consist primarily of high-level technical documents written by and for senior level engineers, but we recognize that CGA has a social responsibility to provide users – from new industry employees to consumers – with the information they need to interact with our members’ products safely.

To that end, we’ve been publishing a series of free safety posters targeted toward new industry personnel as well as end users.

We encourage all GAWDA members to take advantage of this invaluable free resource to help ensure that all those who come in contact with our industry’s products may do so safely.

End User Safety Posters

This year, we are launching a new product line of posters and safety campaigns targeted to users who are new to interacting with our industry’s products, as a means of communicating basic safety information on topics such as home oxygen safety, safe use of liquid nitrogen in food and beverage service environments, safe handling of dry ice, safety considerations for the products used in cannabis operations and more.

We are using a multi-faceted approach to distribution, including publishing product-specific webpages, or “Safety Resource Centers,” with additional information and resources for each topic. Posters will be available in hard copy and as electronic downloads, which are fully scalable, allowing users to print in multiple sizes. Companies can also add their own contact information and branding to the posters before distributing. In addition, the posters will include a QR code, enabling viewers to quickly access supplementary information on-demand.

Electronic downloads of the posters are free.

The first two online Safety Resource Centers and related posters have been published and may be found on CGA’s public website at the following:

Home Oxygen Safety Resource Center

Liquid Nitrogen Safety Resource Center 

Each online Safety Resource Center is comprised of a set of essential safety information about the topic. Using Home Oxygen Safety as our example, the Safety Resource Center includes the following:

Safe Use – reviews hazards of home oxygen use and emphasizes that it is extremely important for home oxygen users to take precautions to prevent oxygen fires and use their oxygen equipment safely. Reminds individuals using home oxygen therapy to read and follow all instructions and safety precautions provided by their home oxygen supplier.

Poster Download – posters offered as a free safety resource; not intended as a substitute for reading and following codes and regulations, industry standards, and supplier instructions.

Additional Resources – highlights relevant items from CGA’s extensive library of safety publications; for example, for oxygen: CGA P-45 – Fire Hazards of Oxygen and Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres and CGA G-4 – Oxygen

  • Product Information – this section provides the following information about the compressed gas (in this case, oxygen):
  • General Information
  • Safe storage, handling and use
  • Leaks & spills: Advises readers what to do in the case of an oxygen leak or liquid oxygen spill
  • First-aid: Suggests course of action in case of frostbite from contact with liquid oxygen
  • Physiological effects: Reviews some of the physiological effects of pure oxygen, as well as high pressure oxygen environments
  • Physical constants: Lists oxygen’s physical constants

Industrial Safety Posters

We have also redesigned and/or created new industrial safety posters aimed at explaining basic safety concepts to someone new to handling compressed gases and related equipment.

Our series of Industrial Safety Posters provide basic safe handling information on a variety of topics (see next page for a complete list of current posters). These posters can be printed and displayed wherever compressed gases are used to provide a visual reminder of important safety practices in the workplace.

Each poster is provided as a scalable PDF file, enabling users to print the size they need. The posters are also designed for easy co-branding: GAWDA members can add their company information to the “supplied by” box at the bottom of each poster, then share this valuable training resource with your customers.

All posters are available in English and French.

CGA SP-C – Safety Poster: Valve Protection Caps

  • Released: September 2018 (2nd Edition)
  • Depicts when valve protection caps should be removed.
  • CGA SP-D – Safety Poster: Securing Cylinders by Nesting
  • Released: September 2018 (2nd Edition)
  • Reminds employees of good safety practices; illustrates the correct way of securing cylinders by nesting.

CGA SP-E – Safety Poster: Oxygen and Oil Don’t Mix

  • Released: September 2018 (2nd Edition)
  • Cautions viewers that oxygen contact with oil, grease, or other hydrocarbon materials is dangerous.

CGA SP-F – Safety Poster: The Sleeping Giant

  • Released: September 2018 (2nd Edition)
  • Portrays the potential dangers involved with compressed gas cylinders and serves as a workplace safety reminder.

CGA SP-H – Safety Poster: Transfilling Cylinders

  • Released: September 2018 (2nd Edition)
  • Highlights the fact that transfilling cylinders can be dangerous and should be performed by professional gas companies.

CGA SP-I – Safety Poster: Separating Incompatible Gases

  • Released: June 2019 (2nd Edition)
  • Cautions that incompatible gases shall be separated by a minimum distance or a protective barrier.

CGA SP-J – Safety Poster: Proper Cart Usage for Liquid Cylinders

  • Released: July 2019 (1st Edition)
  • Advises viewers to use only properly designed hand trucks or carts when moving liquid cylinders.

CGA SP-K – Safety Poster: Wear Recommended Personal Protective Equipment

  • Released: July 2019 (1st Edition)
  • Reminds workers to wear recommended personal protective equipment (PPE), and refer to products’ Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for guidance.

CGA SP-L – Safety Poster: Enclosed Spaces Can Be Unsafe

  • Released: July 2019 (1st Edition)
  • Reminds viewers of the dangers posed by enclosed spaces, while emphasizing the importance of storing and using compressed gases in well-ventilated areas.

CGA SP-M – Safety Poster: Misuse of Adaptors Can Be Dangerous

  • Released: July 2019 (1st Edition)
  • Cautions viewers that misuse of adaptors can be dangerous, even fatal.

CGA SP-N – Safety Poster: Plan Your Trip to Avoid a Tip

  • Released: July 2019 (1st Edition)
  • Reminds viewers that liquid containers on permanently attached wheelbases can become unstable. Workers are advised to watch for transitions in flooring and uneven surfaces, and plan trips accordingly, when moving these containers.   



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