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AGL Welding Supply Company

AGL Welding Supply Company (Clifton, New Jersey) is celebrating its 100th Anniversary in 2020. The company can trace its roots all the way back to a 1920 business called William Rudolph Company in Paterson, New Jersey. William Rudolph was eventually merged into AGL which is an abbreviation for “Auto Gas Light,” harkening back to the days when the company supplied acetylene gas to light the head lamps for automobiles.

In 1958, AGL was acquired by Bud Fenelon, along with his brothers, Tom and Bill, and brother-in-law Joe Brancato. The industry was not new to the Fenelons. After World War II, the group had started Guaranteed Welding Engineering Company. After further acquisitions, many of which were Union Carbide’s Prest-O-Lite distributors, the Fenelons changed their focus from manufacturing to distribution, adding welding supplies in 1959. Several small local welding supply companies were acquired throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s and incorporated into AGL.

That family legacy lives on today, as AGL is currently helmed by President Christopher Fenelon, third generation and grandson of Founder Dennis “Bud” Fenelon, along with COO Kevin Brancato (retired), Vice President of Operations Thomas Fenelon, and Purchasing Manager William Brancato. Patrick Fenelon (retired) serves as the company’s current Chairman.

“AGL’s goal is to enhance the individual and organizational performance of its customers through the effective selection and efficient use of quality products,” says Chairman Patrick Fenelon. “The company plans to accomplish this goal by fully exploiting our unique capabilities. Our customers can expect AGL to respond to their needs faster and more efficiently than any other supplier in the region.”

AGL Welding Supply Company prides itself on being available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. That drive combined with the core tenets the family instilled in the business have allowed AGL to thrive for a century.

The company’s website highlights its three main pillars: Knowledge, Integrity and Service, saying, “Our commitment to customer care starts by carefully guiding you through the purchase experience. Our commitment to servicing your business can be seen by the standards we hold our products to. We accept and expect personal accountability for doing business with integrity. Our commitment to your business is evident in all we do, every step of the way.”

Says Chris Fenelon, “What got us here is not necessarily going to get us to the future. We will acknowledge our success with our team and proceed with what is necessary to bring our customers an experience that exceeds their expectations.”



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