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Specgas Celebrates 20 Years

Alfred Boehm began his career in 1976 as a research chemist for Messer Griesheim Industries in Germany. In 1991, Boehm was relocated to the United States to continue his research and development in various areas of specialty gas, including internal cylinder treatment for reactive gases.

“After spending 25 years with Messer Griesheim, it was time to move and explore a new chapter of the American dream,” Boehm says. “Specgas, Inc. was opened in 2001 by me and my son, Marco Boehm. Given the economic hardships of that year, it was a bold move to start a small specialty gas company. Through hard work, determination, and resilience, Specgas grew over the last two decades from a two-man operation to a successful family-owned business. Specgas employees have years of experience and knowledge making us a competitor in the specialty gas industry.”

For the past 20 years, Specgas Inc. has been producing precision gas blends, custom calibration gases for testing equipment and monitoring devices. Its unique blending procedures and techniques enable Specgas to produce NIST Traceable Gas Standards which are widely used in various sectors of the industry. One of the key factors of its success is a quality product and short lead times which are appreciated by long-term customers. Specgas has been able to grow the company by these simple principles over time. Quality and Customer Service were and will continue to be the key to ongoing success.

Boehm notes that the industry is demanding more and more difficult gas mixtures in recent years.

“That is where our expertise is,” he explains. “Using our proprietary cylinder treatment and blending techniques to provide long shelf lives for gas mixtures with reactive and corrosive components. Specgas, Inc. is updating its equipment and developing new analytical methods to provide accurate trace measurements.”

He concludes, “We would like to thank all our customers for their continued truth and loyalty for the last 20 years. We appreciate and value all of them. Specgas, Inc. is looking forward to serving you with the same quality and excellence in the coming years.”



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