GAWDA’s Group Life Insurance Program

By Brian McLaughlin

As a GAWDA Member, you have access to the GAWDA Group Life Insurance program through MetLife and can take advantage of an offering that has averaged over a 10% dividend for more than 50 years! This dividend eligibility is not available with the typical single employer plan.

History indicates that many employees have no other life insurance. The employer paid Group Plan may be their only family security.

The enhanced GAWDA Life Insurance Program offers:

  • Triple Indemnity for Occupational Death & Dismemberment
  • No Charge for $10,000 spouse insurance, and $5,000 child insurance
  • Eligibility for “good claim experience” dividends, membership in the large GAWDA Association Plan

Reasons why you should consider (Gases And Welding Distributors Association’s)Group Life Insurance Program:    

  • A successful time-tested program (more than 50 years) underwritten by a financially strong insurance company with over 150 years of experience
  • Flexibility of three plan choices
  • $250,000 maximum benefit
  • Dependent life insurance coverage — for all employees with a spouse, or dependent child(ren) under age 26 —  included at no additional cost to you (funded by GAWDA)
  • Accelerated life insurance benefits (up to 50%) available to terminally ill employees
  • Supplemental occupational accidental death and dismemberment benefits included with basic accidental death and dismemberment
  • More than 5,000 employees of 70 welding supply employers and associate members are currently insured for more than $200,000,000 of insurance inforce under this plan. During the more than 50 years the program has been in force, over $30,000,000 has been paid to beneficiaries.

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The GAWDA Life Insurance Program is administered by Brian McLaughlin, Senior Vice President, at My Benefit Advisor. Responsible for Associations, he has over 20 years of experience in the industry. My Benefit Advisor is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.



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