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Rodney Huber Announced as President of Huber Supply Company

Rodney Huber was named President of Huber Supply Company as part of the company’s transition plan. The move was effective August 7. Cal Huber will succeed Rodney as the Vice President of Operations, while Nicole Smith was named VP of Administration, which will see her take on managing office/administration functions. Huber Supply has worked with Advance Iowa – Family Business Forum, an organization through the University of Iowa, to help manage the transition.

“As part of the transition plan, it was important to name the eventual successor and make sure that roles were clearly defined in our company as we move forward,” Rodney Huber says. “My brother, sister and I are very proud to be the fourth generation to run the business and we are hopeful that will do as great a job as our great grandfather, grandfather, and dad before us.”

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