Terran E. Bergdale, Ph.D., Quality Control Manager at A-OX Welding Supply Co. helped the company achieve validation on its manufacturing process of medical Carbon Dioxide. She said, “Over the last several years A-OX has been striving to increase our production capabilities while enhancing quality.  This year we validated our manufacturing process for production of medical Carbon Dioxide (CO2).  The process allows us to produce medical grade as well as Laser and Research Grade 99.999+% CO2.  We requested certification of USP Carbon Dioxide as a designated medical gas and received approval from the FDA to market the product for human and animal use.  We currently provide medical gases to much of our region.  Our ability to produce our own medical CO2 helps secure a much needed supply to various medical customers.  Additionally, we can offer the CO2 we produce to other distributors throughout the country.”

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