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VS Carbonics Shares Post About Face Masks, CO2

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As suppliers of CO2, we take great pride in having a solid foundation of what it’s all about, how it works, the handling, and what it does or does not do. As COVID-19 cases continue to climb and masks are required, it’s worth dispelling some false claims that have emerged.

When rumors spread across social media, people unintentionally believe them to be true and share them despite being proven wrong. For example, one of the latest claims that’s gone viral is that wearing face masks will result in trapping of carbon dioxide while preventing oxygen from entering the lungs.

This is not true.

Because the molecules that make up CO2 and oxygen are so tiny, they can freely pass through masks. Hence, there is no way they can become “trapped” by the mask nor will the moisture that builds up in the mask cause breathing dangers. Yes, the mask may become moist due to the exhalation of water vapor, but this does not pose a danger.

Hence, while wearing a mask may not be the most comfortable thing, it’s not dangerous and you’re doing your part to help prevent the spread.

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This update is by Co2 supplier Florida company VS Carbonics, the premier solution for Co2 gas and more. We are a family-owned and operated business offering an extensive array of services including liquid nitrogen refill service, bulk CO2 suppliers, and single canister delivery. We supply Co2, dry ice, gas blends, and nitrogen to many businesses and industries for various purposes including but not limited to events, concerts, food storage, and more. For more information on beer gas blends Florida, please call 305-215-2833.

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