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Indiana Oxygen’s Online Store Ranked by Newsweek Magazine as Top Welding Supply Online Store

Newsweek Magazine, in its Sept 27, 2019 issue, has released the results of its survey of more than 9,500 online shops in the United States, compiled by Statista.  “The online shops were then organized according to their main product offering into 39 categories and subjected to testing by Newsweek analysts on 48 objective and subjective criteria.”  Based on these results, a score out of 10.00 was determined for each online shop.

In the category of “DIY, Tools, Supplies,” ranked 5th overall, ahead of the online sites for:  Lowes, Home Depot, and True Value.  It also ranked above any other welding supply online store.  (Newsweek, 9/27/19, page 37).

Of special note, received a score of 7.84.   This score was higher than companies scored in different categories, such as:  Amazon (7.47), Costco (7.72), Walmart (7.67), Sam’s Club (7.47), Nike (7.72), Adidas (7.69), Puma (7.67), and Shop Disney (7.77).

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