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Minneapolis Oxygen Co. Launches New Website

Minneapolis Oxygen launched its new website. The new site will feature a new blog from “The Gas Guy.” In his first blog post, the Gas Guy said, “I’ll be here every month giving you news and information as I see it. Like the insurance commercials say, I know a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two—the only thing here longer than me is the company itself. Minneapolis Oxygen has been around since 1946 offering gas supply and service that you can rely on.”

The new Minneapolis Oxygen website has two sections: informational and an e-store. Whether you came to the site to learn about medical gases or shop for a new welding helmet or to read a “massively enjoyable blog,” you’ll find it all effortlessly.

Along with the new website came a new logo for the company. “We wanted to hold onto the spirit of the original logo, yet suggest the cutting-edge capabilities that Minneapolis Oxygen offers. We’ll always stay rooted in our heritage with personalized service, while embracing new technologies that help our customers grow and prosper.”

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